Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice Morning With My Kids and Sis

Had a great time with Redge and my three kids, Ruth, Gen and Josh. Redge and my two girls planned their jogging and badminton yesterday because of a long weekend brought about by EDSA Revolution Holiday. Actually I've planned on doing assignments here but Josh asked me to follow her two sisters and Tita on their planned activities. I had no choice as I can't stand Josh' look of sadness that he was left out by his sisters. We followed immediately and found the three very easily because Redge called me earlier to set our meeting place. They were at the back of the mall in Ortigas Ave. and already had their badminton time there. Josh was very happy to see Ruth and Gen as if they haven't seen each other for days lol! Being there with them made me realized that it's been awhile since I relaxed and rested, really I've been overworking myself - working five days a week consuming almost 12 hours of my day preparing for office, commuting and working then blogging at night. I really need some rest and I'm glad Josh and I followed them. After jogging and playing badminton we shopped for Ruth's girl things, played basketball at Tom's world and ended our morning activity in Jollibee with our brunch (breakfast-lunch :-)). Everyone happy and promised to do it again one of these weeks ahead of us.


Emzkie February 29, 2008 at 2:31 AM  

good to know you are having a great day Race. and you know what? let me add that up. hehehe.. i got a tag for you!! lol this is the LINK

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