Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Are You Virtuous?

You Are Incredibly Virtuous

You're so good that you may end up a saint.

You do the right thing a lot more than most people, even when it's near impossible.

You put a lot of thought in to every action you do. You always try to make the right decisions.

And that's all it takes to be a truly virtuous person.

Where You Are Virtuous

You have the virtue of Temperance. You don't eat or drink excessively.

You have the virtue of Humility. You don't boast or brag.

You have the virtue of Chastity. You only are intimate with the purest of intentions.

You have the virtue of Industry. You know how to do what's useful and avoid time wasters.

You have the virtue of Frugality. You spend your money wisely, and you are not wasteful.

You have the virtue of Justice. You treat other people fairly, even when you don't feel like it.


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