Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bible Study

Everyday brings different lessons in our life. In our work we encounter difficulties on duties and tasks assigned but after that we felt fulfillment after accomplishing all tasks. In our homes we faced challenges of everyday problems, depression, worries and physical exhaustion but at the end of the day we felt satisfaction of having managed a good family. Sometime in our lives we come upon deception and temptation but we were able to see God’s hand before we commit sins. These are the things that we must rule out of our lives in order for us to claim God’s promise. Our faith was somehow tested everyday because that’s the life of Christian we are being mold like the metal that’s been refined by fire. That’s why it’s very important for us to have a Bible Study to help us recharge ourselves with the teaching and word of God.

During my break time in the office I usually browse online and read spiritual thoughts, messages and lyrics of varied Christian songs. This is where I came upon BibleKeeper.com where you can find different versions of the Bible in 28 languages, a great source for reading scriptures. They provide free online bible study tools where you can search the bible by specific text, by chapter or by Bible Verses. I looked for some lyrics of Christian songs and it’s there also. It’s really a great help and educational too especially their biblical resources where you can find different links to site that says a lot about Christian life, activities and courses. They even linked up Christian Finance which was featured in their site. The author was very popular because of his Christian business blog and they have asked him to move his blogs to their site. This is really a complete site for anyone wanting to read something better.


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