Monday, March 10, 2008

Facing Our Fears

I'm watched again the second week of the fitness challenge reality program to which I always find some lessons learned in every big challenge they do. This time they were taught and trained to do fundamentals of rappelling, how to handle multi-pitch rappels and anchor transitions. Their challenge was to climb the 120-ft. side of the cliff beside the falls and get their assigned color of the flags. The contestant with minimum time spent to finish the climbing will be the winner but they should also get all their flags. What interest me in watching the show was all of them have fear of heights so that made it more interesting and challenging because the challenge would not be only on their fitness or endurance but also the spirit of facing your fears. Inspite of their fears they took the challenge gracefully and all succeeded in doing it. Some finished it in few minutes while others took more time, of course there must be a winner and the talents/skills given to us are not equal so not everybody can be as good as the other. In every game there's winner and loser. The most important thing to learn in a game is sportmanship and learning to give your best. Lessons learned in this challenge is that you can do anything you want if you just put your mind into it - with God's guidance and blessing of course.


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