Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flowers For You!

A wonderful way to express your love to someone special is through flowers as they always quote ‘say it with flowers’. There are many connotations of flower and most often according to kind and colors. When my husband courted me he used to give me red long-stemmed roses which signify love and respect. We were friends then and I was actually waiting what kind and color of flower will he give me because if he gave me yellow roses back then maybe I would think that he only see me as a good friend because it signifies friendship. Finally when the time came for my answer to his proposal he picked a single white rose, it’s very significant back then as I see white rose as symbol of love worthiness and I felt very happy to know that I’m worthy of his love.

There’s a lot more you can do with flowers, you can express your gratitude and sympathy, offer thanksgiving, congratulate a newlywed couples, boost morale, greet birthday celebrants and make your partner felt the romance of your love relationship. When you buy flowers for your loved ones makes sure to pass by E-Florist, a site that offers wide assortment of flowers that you can buy online. If you need flowers for a certain occasion you can have your shopping online by occasion, by products and by price. Guaranteed fresh and beautifully designed to match your specific needs. They have all the capabilities of ensuring the safety of flower delivery to cruise ships, hotels, offices, apartments, homes and to your work.


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