Friday, March 14, 2008

Greedy Caretaker

It's only one week to go and we've scheduled to go to Tagaytay City again for our Summer Camp Meeting, our second on that same place, we started at the same place last summer when we feel that God wanted us to go to another place better than the one we're renting for the previous year in Indang, Cavite because we noticed that the caretaker of the place was using all opportunities to burden us financially much to what we agreed and expected. At our first fellowship there she showed all kindness and hospitality not showing her real intention, but the next time we rented their place she showed her greediness at some point.

Like electric meter she put a price on every small appliance we bring and put triple charges on it which is against our agreement, what’s even more hurting is she accepted reservation for another occasion on our rented period, a matter of two hours and she asked us to vacant the room earlier than the paid period just so they can clean the rooms for the next occupants. All she’s after is the money and instead of arguing with her we opted to finish the fellowship earlier and go home after.

When we paid the whole amount to her without deducting the hours that we started vacating our rooms she felt guilty and suddenly washed her hands off the situation requesting us to be back again next fellowship, we just smiled and say no more, we know God will take of what happened and the lady will regret what she has just done to us. That was the last time we’ve seen her. After 8 months she keeps on texting us if we’ll use the campsite again and we told her we’ll never go back there again.


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