Thursday, March 13, 2008

Josh Final Rehearsals

I've got two leave from office work one I've used for Josh final graduation practice which required all parents to be there for the children to feel like it's graduation time. As the real graduation will have many restrictions in allowing digicamera I took some pictures and videos of Josh already as they were singing and doing their part in the program. I've practiced josh and I've heard him recite the whole speech clearly beside me but when his time came he only recited half of the paragraph, he's overwhelmed by the crowd. Anyway as they were nurseries only the teachers understand the situation and just told him to memorize and make it good on the real graduation day. All togas, ribbons and programs were distributed and Josh was so excited upon seeing his toga and cap. He put on the whole set there, he really can't wait for us to get home. Then I found that he's the second honor. Congrats Josh! Will share some pics later!


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