Saturday, March 15, 2008

Josh' Graduation

It's Joshua's graduation today and we've set our time earlier than the assembly time to prevent rushing over things and I'd like also to shoot a picture of the site without the people. We're a little far from school but since it's a lazy afternoon hour there's no traffic and within 5 minutes we're there already, we're the first family to arrive. As it's still early I called the teachers of my daughters and asked permission to fetch them one hour earlier as they want to see and hear their baby brother deliver his speech on stage. They're a couple of stage sisters lol! We're almost complete I mean the whole family and Redge too. She wants to see his dear nephew on his first graduation, after all Josh is like her own son. The program went smoothly but instead of Ed awarding the medal he blackout and told me that almost all parent on stage were Mommies so I better be the one to go on stage. So you'll find me here accompanying Josh. Mommies got so touched by the flower giving ceremony and I saw three in silent tears. It's really like that when you really think and feel it you'll really cry :-). The top honor students were given the tasks of praying, leading the songs, introducing the graduates and Josh was given the introduction for the award-giving ceremony. I was a little nervous and can't seem to look directly to my son's eyes for fear that he might linger on looking at me. Thanks to God he delivered the speech clear and accurate. He was given the second honor award and right after the medal was given to him he asked me if he did it right, I said to him "You're very good Josh" and he's all smiles at me, very happy at his small accomplishment. He got thumbs up sign also from the teachers and that put a smile on his eyes.


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