Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Mango Tree and The Company

As part of our discussions in Experience Exchange Workshop Mr. Danny Carreon had a nice type and shadow of a mango tree and the company. The story goes : A man who has a big lot area in a subdivision planted 8 mango trees which in turn bore big, luscious, sweet mango fruits. Every harvest time he would invite his friends to come over to share his fruits and take some more as pasalubong. After some years the fruits of the trees changed, they were no longer delicious. Saddened by what happened by his trees he asked the help of his agronomist friend to look and dig around the tree so they can see what's wrong with the tree. To their surprise the roots was surrounded by pests, the reason why it suddenly changed its fruits.
Type and Shadow of the Tree:
Tree - Company
Fruits- Profit
Trunk-Corporate Structure, Vision & Values, Technology, Methodology

We were given some thoughts to ponder after examining what has happened to the fruit when pests entered the roots. We were given 15 minutes to discuss the pests that ruined the roots in connection with the company. The pests are the things that the employees are practicing and doing in the company that will greatly affect the company's growth and profit. Those pests are lack of communication due to selfishness, withholding important information, lack of transparency, crab mentality which pulls down improvement, lack of team management and teamwork, corruption, lack of initiatives, cheating on punctuality, lack of respect to colleagues, not entertaining remarks and criticisms, and many more. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions on the solutions but all arrived at one thing and that is the proper team management and teamwork.


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