Saturday, April 26, 2008

Compare Lifelock and Debix

Almost all people now are using computers and internet for various reasons depending upon their specific needs. Communication is best transmitted in email or online messaging for immediate response of both parties. You don’t have to send letter through post office and wait for days before the letter is received. We’re lucky to have internet that allows easy and fast communication and many other conveniences in life. But high technology and gadgets also has its flaws. In the world of computers and online technology identity theft is very rampant. Some people have made it their business to hack someone else’s passwords, accounts and identities. That’s why Identity Theft Prevention is of utmost importance to prevent further invasion to your privacy, after all your confidential information is the one that’s at stake and you can’t risk that.

Many companies and online sites offer protection from these thieves because it seems like nobody has been secured of their personal information anymore, what with the rampant unauthorized usage of account names, credit cards and identity theft. You should choose the one who will give you the best protection offer. With
Debix you could be assured that no one could ever open an account in your name, your junk mail will be limited, your pre-approved cards will be stopped, receive a fraud alert on your credit reports and get a free credit report. You’ll have security and peace of mind on all your confidential information.

But wait there’s still more; unlike Lifelock which offers the same protection at the same guarantee amount of $1,000 they also have other featured offers.
Compare LifeLock and Debix and you’ll see Debix has more identity protection features than Lifelock as you’ll have extra benefits like keeping your cell phone number private from creditors so you’ll not be bothered by unwanted calls and they will call you if an account is being opened in your name so you’ll be able to approve or deny it. They also prevent unwanted telemarketing phone calls which is quite annoying sometimes if you’re too busy and they will find you on up to 3 phone numbers. They are the consumer direct partner of LoudSiren which was very well known for their ID theft solutions. Debix can give you a $25,000 Identity Protection Insurance unlike others who don’t give insurance. More value for your money. To top it all you can get their services for only US$89 per year. This is simply great, apply now and avail of their good package!


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