Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crossing Dangerous Roads

It's Wednesday again and as I'm going to attend my bible study I will be crossing the street again at night, the very dangerous road in front of our office. I used to wait for other employees for us to cross the road in group but since it's past the hour of the usual time out I found myself alone in that road again. I'm an expert in crossing roads in the past having our own home near the national road but I became very careful since the Libis road accident. Who wouldn’t be careful and cautious if you’ve actually witnessed group of people being hit by cars which were run over a big truck which has lost its brake. Ten employees of a known company of stylish shirt and one guard who was managing the traffic were hit and immediately rushed to hospital. Thanks God none of them died in that accident.

I faced my fears and crossed the street bravely now with the thought that even if I have no companion in crossing the street I know God is with me and I shall never fear anything when I’m with Him.


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