Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Golf Vacations

Are you still thinking where you will spend your vacation? Planning and spending vacation on a beach is a welcome idea to people who loves to walk on the seaside and those who love to feel the sun shines on their face and the wind kissing their hair, what a lovely thought for me! It’s even lovelier and more appealing if you mix your vacation with your favorite hobby or sports. Is there a vacation package like that? Yes with Ttimes Only you can actually have your memorable vacation in Myrtle Beach resort and at the same time plan your golf tournament there.

Ttimes’ trained golf professional will be there to assist you in any way they can for you to enjoy your golf vacation packages with them. It’s a one stop shop for Myrtle Beach golf tee times! If you’re a visitor there you don’t have to worry about accommodation as they provide and offer nice place at
Myrtle Beach hotels for you to rest your body after a day’s golf play. For the locals there they have golf only packages. Booking is so easy you can do it online, just pick from the list of their courses, view their golf specials, determine your players and how many times you would like to play and you can then book your tee times with their reservation form.

To complete your
Myrtle Beach vacation experience they offer lodging facilities, airlines, restaurants, lodging facilities and even spas aside from the wide selection of golf specials and golf packages you can choose from. This is really a memorable golf vacation experience you wouldn’t want to miss. So plan and choose your golf vacation packages now and book online or call them at 877-238-1975. Great vacation indeed!

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