Monday, April 21, 2008

Good To See Bes!

Had a nice talk with JennyL, imagine after 3 long months in Australia we've seen each other again. She arrived late as I know she's finishing some assignments, she missed doing it during the day as she's a blogger at night in Australia. We knew one day is not enough for all the stories but we'll do that in the coming days. Of course my kids were excited to see her again expecially Josh who was very happy upon seeing his toy on Jen's bag. The two girls were happy with the chocolates as they really love them. They keep on looking at their Tita Jen because she's got a darker skin now because of her weekend adventures in her vacation. See our picture here, we're both wearing red lol! My mom who's like a second mother to her was endlessly asking how she is and if she met someone special there, you will really love my Mom for being like that! She always wants my close friends to meet special guys, marry and be happy forever just like fairytale lol! When my sister arrived (who's also close to Jen) they didn't stop talking and laughing, like the old times when we're together with other cousin friends, we spent weekends together be it in our house or in our favorite resorts around the towns of Rizal. Those were the days, beautiful and happy moments. We've really gone a long way in our friendship, we're friends for 27 years now!


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