Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mobile Marketing

In this age of modern technology and gadgets, almost everything is available online and communication is at its best. This only means that in more ways than one we can easily send notes through text messaging and call our loved ones through mobile phones. You see everything is on the high level of modernization. Even the much younger generation can’t be left behind with this text mania because as young as primary school students spent their money on getting their mobile phones reloaded. What a generation!

Modern technology really has influenced our way of living, I remembered clearly how we used to call using payphone when the major telephone company or provider of telephone service then was so elusive in granting landline phones in our community, that’s why we’re so happy when we finally got approved and installed. But now people are more dependent on mobile phones than on landline phones. And because of this trend it's much easier to sell or advertise anything via text messaging. There's one site that offers SMS solutions to small and big clients, the Cellit Mobile Marketing. This company has the capabilities of offering mobile marketing solutions for the corporate requirements. They provide mobile marketing campaigns instead of traditional advertising which is proven to be more effective. This is also extending the advertising world to the cell phone users. Cellit Studio offers easy and affordable tools and handles various types of campaigns such as Text-for-Info, Text-For-Content, Contests and Games, Text-To-Win, Text-To-Vote, CRM Programs and Customized Appointment Reminders which are available for demonstration immediately upon schedule arrangement.

Did you know that even real-estate advertising is also available at House4Cell, a tool provided by Cellit to help real-estate broker and agents to sent important property information direct to the buyer’s cellphone, yes clients need not wait anymore for the agents to setup a meeting or fax documents just to have the needed information. The agents will just text the pricing info, property area, photos and these will be sent through their backend system. Client request is also sent through text by using a code provided by the agents and that’s where the selling starts, additional information can also be requested via email or fax. House4Cell really has what it takes to market real-estate through mobile marketing services. They also have Click-to-Call, Fax and Email Brochures and Property Mapping, just about all the things you need for property hunting.

Cellit also has a system for mobile marketing campaigns which is perfect for small businesses like restaurants and stores. With the use of CouponZap, a mobile coupon for promotion service, you can easily promote your product and service to your clients anytime. They uses text messaging to distribute these coupons to interested clients and with the use of their point,click,send web application you can easily managed your marketing campaigns. No need to worry about the cost as they have low monthly fees and per-message charges.


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