Sunday, April 27, 2008

PMP Training

The success of every project relies mainly on the performance of the leader and his subordinates. Every staff under the team should be properly coordinated, trained and assigned specific responsibilities of their expertise. They should be trained by a responsible leader who will be expected to show enough leadership to sustain and manage the project. That’s the job of a good project manager. From planning, design up to implementation project manager should possess enough expertise on seeing ahead of time project scenarios and risk events that would hinder success of the project. He/she should also carefully analyze and understand budgeting of cost.

I’ve known a lot of project managers in my present job in which I’m exposed to various project management projects that our company was into. I was part of the proposal bidding team and after winning a bidded project all responsibilities and management was given to Project Managers. And I can say it’s a difficult job. One should have good PMP training and relevant experience to keep up with the job. It’s good that there’s an online site for this kind of training provided by Global Knowledge through its roster of smart professionals who taught what they practice, yes they’re also project managers. They’re training them the proper decorum in managing the project and the team. Upon reading their site I found out that you can learn about proper risk management, thinking about scenarios, planning ahead of time, project perspectives and everything about project manager practices. Not only that they also offer various IT and some other business training such as ITIL, Cisco, Networking and Wireless, VOIP and Telephony, Business Process and others. Certifications are handed upon completion of the courses.


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