Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Relaxing Day

Quite having a nice relaxed day with my kids and because it's summer vacation I uploaded many educational and fun-filled games for them without using internet. Some online games have many risks of popup ads and they might accidentally click one of those. I've particularly chosen games for my youngest kid, those games which are easy to play and the theme is very applicable to young kids. After uploading the games I tested it and was quite happy to have played my favorite word games such as scrabble and text twist with my daughters. I recommend these word games as these are very educational and good for learning words. As a kid I played these games on board (not on computer lol) with my sister, brother and friends. In playing these games we would carry a two-volume dictionary to rule out words that seems not included in the webster. The dictionary serves as judge to debating players hahaha! as if we're serious huh! The best part of the game was when my Mom would call us to eat her cooked merienda which was always accompanied by delicious cold drinks, oh well nice remembering those summer days! Life was different those days; most kids were at home playing or doing their things in their houses unlike these days where children were hooked on network gaming, arcades and internet cafes.


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