Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spending Summer Vacation

Almost every offices and households are now planning some sort of getaway or relaxation for this summer. We've already had on elast February at Nine Waves in Ciudad Christia Resort, entrance shown in picture here. What an exciting thought for me as I'm also thinking and planning on our own summer getaway, would it be on a beach, on a cozy resort or some cooler place. If I'm to decide I would love a week on Tagaytay highlands or in Baguio just to relax, sleep, ponder and reflect. As an office employee for many years now I'm only allowed to take longer days off on occasions such as my wedding and my 3 deliveries on my kids wherein I was allowed to take 2 months off my work. I had lovely days then spending days with my newborn baby. Just a thought... are we meant to be like that? If we're still young and can go various places we cannot go as soon as we want because of work but when we're old and retired from work we still can't go asap because we're old to go by our own we need assistant. Life is just a ball rolling and going back to its cycle.


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