Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop Worrying!

The country is suffering now from all forms of price hike, everything you buy, everywhere you look and every little thing we need increases. Basic commodities like rice, milk and gasoline’s prices are incontrollable. Suddenly within these past few months all prices soared up high and what are you doing? Worrying about the food that you will eat and the clothes that you will wear? It’s but natural for humans to think about that, in fact the very basic reason why we work is to provide better living opportunities for our loved ones, to give them shelter, food, education, best of health and all necessities in life. But nevertheless doesn’t worry because God will take care of all these things, just let Him take over your life. Remember worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop. Instead of worrying turn to Him for peace of mind because life is not focused only on our physical needs but also spiritual necessities. If you have trust in Him everything will follow, you’ll have confidence that no matter what happens God will not let you down.


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