Monday, May 5, 2008

Bringing Up Kids

I was happy that I got that assignment where I promoted the website for moms. I was inspired while doing it and have gained a lot in their website. I really enjoyed reading their articles and will do a lot of visiting so I’ll have plenty of ideas how I can do it with my kids, I want to make it my career to inculcate good teaching to my children. Ed and I started upbringing our kids in a Christian way and we’d like them to grow as good individuals. The most important thing in bringing up kids is to let them know that Jesus and their parents love them. They should be taught also of setting up priorities in life, God first before anything in this world, the value of making God as the center of their lives and being. They should know that character is more important than intelligence, beauty and money. With these hand in hand they will grow up with good principles and attitude in life.


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