Saturday, May 17, 2008

Celebrating Mother's Day All Year Long

We all love our mothers, they are the ones who love us dearly and nurtured us with much loving care from the time we were born up to when we were big enough to care for ourselves. But that didn’t stop their caring for us as most of them extended their caring to our children which are their grandchildren. Actually our mother usually pampers our children spoiling them with their attention. Oh what would we do without our dear mothers, they are God’s gift to us. Every second week of May we celebrate mother’s day in appreciation of their sacrifices and love given to us without expecting anything in return.

To celebrate the occasion we plan ahead of time what would be the perfect activities. It is when we choose the flowers; we buy the card and cooked a special meal for her. She always cooks for us so it’s time that she sits and waits for our special cooked dinner for her, isn’t it exciting? It’s better to have a mother’s day checklist for us not to forget anything especially if we want to celebrate it outside our homes like a trip to some place or a dinner to a cozy restaurant or some memorable place that she want to go, anything that would her happy. After all it’s her very special day.

I came upon Mother’s Day Central where mothers are the focus of the site celebrating mothers all year long and they provide tips and guidelines on how to make the day special for your mother, they even have history of the occasion. There’s one link in their site that I really like reading and that’s the motherisms where they speaks about the common phrases of our moms when they were scolding us, praising us or when lecturing us, It put a smile on my face recognizing those words, well not all of them as mothers are different. They usually have quotable lines to let us know what they think. When I looked back at my teenager days I usually laugh and wonder why I’m saying some of those favorite motherisms to my own kids. So it’s right that when you reach motherhood you’ll be like your mom also. Funny but true! Whoever and whatever your mom is love her not only on mother’s day but all year long.


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