Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Christian Cruise

I’ve always dreamed of traveling and seeing historical places in the world, to learn their culture and tradition and take some memorable pictures so I can remember it clearly whenever I want to. I love travel and adventure but ever since I’ve become a born-again Christian my schedule was always full of summer camp meetings and fellowship services leaving my travel to faraway places a thing in the future. My priority is of course our outreach programs and church activities because being active in our church gives me fulfillment, peace in life and restoration of my being. Now my travels were meant only for my church activities and for my family. That’s why the thought of spending vacation on historical places is a welcome idea for me. How I would love to go on sailing adventure with my family on a Christian Family Cruise. I will have a chance then to go to religious places that I’ve been longing to visit for sometime through ship sailing.

If you’re like me who loves traveling and visiting places you should visit Christian Cruises site where you can enjoy memorable sailing adventure on a luxury yacht that holds 170 believers. It has all the nice amenities and activities that can be found a private chartered luxury yacht. Each group can have their own itinerary and teachings. You see this yacht provide bible teachings on shore and on board, imagine teachings in wonderful settings and places. Christian Cruise includes visiting the bible ports of Athens, Pergamun which is one of the best preserved church sites, Patmos where John received the book pf revelation and Ephesus where Paul used to have his sermons delivered. This is really great as it’s like coming back to the past visiting islands and wonderful sites where the apostles have taught God’s word.

I never thought that there are cruises like these and I’m so happy that I happened to browse this site. This will particularly help those who want to experience Bible Land Christian Cruises. Actually I’m going to tell my church friends about this and who knows we might be availing this kind of cruise because not all cruise can give you a casual and luxurious environment for a Christian cruise. I was checking out their tall sail Christian cruise adventure itinerary and saw for myself their nine-day schedule of activities to visit different places discussing the place’ environment, various shops and beautiful beaches. This itinerary will keep them so busy and occupied. So if you want all of these join now


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