Friday, May 30, 2008

Food Plan for Mom's Birthday

Woke up early to plan for Mom's birthday today, not a big one because we want a quiet and simple birthday unlike her last year's birthday in Bosay Resort where a group of our hometown people in Laguna attended also. We brought two vehicles then and both were jammed with passengers, no overloading because some of them were kids.

I'm the eldest daughter so I have to take care of everything - from planning the food, buying them all and cooking. Glad I love cooking so every time there's a family occasion I'm the one in-charge but of course always supervised by my own dear mom who's the expert in all :-). Her friends keep on telling her always that I took after her- her cooking and some characteristics, not her face 'coz she's prettier than me lol! Will be busy the whole day so no more blogging for this day - call it a blogging dayoff!


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