Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Protection From Radiation

Every time I’m required to have a medical x-ray I was always thinking of the staff that’s doing the examination, in my mind I fear for them because of the radiation emitting from the x-ray equipment. Actually I have a cousin who worked in an airport as an x-ray technician and he told me that there’s really a risk if you’re not protected and not careful. It’s a great help that medical x-rays have lead radiation shielding to ensure protection for patients, workers and staff from the harmful effects of x-rays radiation.

Not only that as x-ray equipment is also used for security purposes, shall I say defense against terrorist attacks which includes inspection and detection on passengers, bags, handheld devices, big packages and many more. That’s why X-ray system manufacturers choose VulcanGms to create the lead-lined enclosures which uses lead products to make their systems secure and safe to use. VulcanGms’ engineers and designers are a great in providing solutions to problems related to manufacturing, packaging, shipping and administering of radioactive products.

They’ve been in the industry for 50 years and have been the reliable source of protection for many purposes like healthcare, security, industrial needs, company protection and many others. They’re an expert in nuclear shielding and PET solutions. Aside from the lead products they also use tungsten products, high-density plastics and metal polymers as raw materials for making quality products. You can be assured that they can give you the best solutions for all you’re shielding and protection requirements.


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