Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awareness On Folliculitis

Went home earlier yesterday and brought Josh to his doctor before going to bible study. Josh had one of those small pimples on the forehead and beginning to spread on the head. Since school has already started I wanted it to heal faster as it also causing him some pain. Just in time before the doctor closed her clinic we luckily entered the clinic as the last patient. Josh was very comfortable with Dr. Cristy Pablo, a sister of my classmate in high school and a daughter of my father’s friend. He answers every question asked of him with a smile that’s why Dr. Cristy can’t stop smiling at him too commenting how smart he is.

Upon examination of his head she concluded that the small pimples around his hair follicles are folliculitis forming on the head and scalp. I’ve researched about this as the name sounds new to me and I’ve learned that this infection on the head are really itchy and painful due to wounds that are open with yellow-brown crusts formed around the margin. The wound bed appears inflamed, reddish, bleeds easily and can spread rapidly. I’m glad that my son’s infection is not that inflamed or reddish and his doctor told me that within one week of treatment his wounds will dry out.

She gave Josh a prescription of Cloxacillin antibiotic, 3x a day for 7 days together with Povidone-Iodine as antimicrobial treatment to be applied to the freshly cleaned wounds. I’ve been using agua-oxinada as cleanser for the wounds. By the way this infection is like boils the difference is boils tend to be single and larger while folliculitis is a group of small infected spots. So for moms out there take note of this if you happen to see a pimple-looking thing on your kid don’t just take it for granted, it could be an infection.
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