Thursday, June 5, 2008

Child Safety

As parents we give all our love, time and financial support to our children to ensure that they will have the best of everything they want. We nurture and discipline them in a way that they should be when they grow up. They are our precious treasure and most important next to God. We love them dearly and we’ll do anything just to keep them from harm, after all child safety is the most important thing to keep in mind always. Our children are God’s gift to us and He entrusted them to us to love and protect.

These days we often hear about news of children being kidnapped for ransom and if the parents can’t give the bad guys what they want the poor kids end up being killed or hurt. This is a frightening thing as we really don’t know how bad are the bad guys and how far they will go to extract money from their victims. Missing children are usually reported to police authorities but it takes time to gather information, pictures and relevant documents that are needed for the investigation to start. Time is very important here as anything horrible can happen in few hours. I’ve heard reports that some abducted children were killed after being lost for 3 hours.

To be sure you have all the information you need in case of emergency you should take a look into Child Alert System which offers security and storage of your children’s confidential and valuable data. With the use of their unique system you don’t have to worry about your child safety. You can easily store your information on Kidzcapsule, maps out favorite hangouts on Kidzmap just like a child locator and notify friends and family in a click the moment you realized your child is missing by means of Kidzblast. In this way they can easily assist local enforcement authorities with all the information ready to use.


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