Sunday, June 1, 2008

Donate Your Car

It’s better to give than to receive, a very popular phrase that encourages people to think seriously of sharing their blessing to less fortunate ones. That’s the best you could do if you have more financial blessings than others, after all it always feels good when you help others isn’t it? We usually help or give our donations in cash or in kind to some charitable institutions that we find suitable to help because of their urgent needs. I for yourself have a soft spot for orphanage because I feel that losing your parents is one of the saddest things that can happen in one’s life so they should be given love and support – emotionally and financially. What if you don’t have ready cash with you and you really want to help? Well there’s one company that accepts car donations to help their partner charities get the fund needed to continue with their charitable works.

This is a unique way of fund-raising or asking for donations. They encourage you to donate your car to help their institution continue helping the orphans, single mothers, at-risk youth, the homeless and prison reform. They’re accepting all kinds of used cars’ donations from all over the nation and sell it to use in giving funds to their partner charities. This is really good and I’ve never heard such a thing like this before. They also sell used cars at very low discounted prices so in this way you can help them also.

Their program doesn’t end with this as they used some of their money in producing children’s animations and giving free DVDs for kids which will teach moral and ethical lessons for 3-10 year old kids. I came to think that different people and organizations have their own unique ways of helping less privileged ones, whatever their purposes and ways may seem to be the most important thing is sharing your blessing to others. Just like what Jesus said that if you do good deeds for the least of your brother it’s like you did that to Him.


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