Monday, June 16, 2008

My Dear Friend Jannet

We were strolling along Tiendesitas when I received a text message from my friend Jannet that she will resign from her work. She’s a teacher friend of mine whom I’ve met when Ruth was in the first grade when we were both PTA officers of our children’s school. Since then we became friends and got closer as the years passed by. I may call another wonder woman as she performs various works all at the same time. She’s a full time preparatory school teacher in St. Audry, got lots of tutorials for her free time and part-time customer representative in our company BT&T since March. Last summer she worked for one month in ADB as BT&T’s reliever for switchboard operator on weekdays and CSR on weekends’ night-duty.

I told her to take care of her body and health as she never seems to rest. I’m also a workaholic person but to see a person works in the same way as myself gave me some worries on my heart. I was thinking what if our overworking activities give a toll on our bodies, how can we cope with that. Our family needs us so much that we should really take care of our health, both of us.

I’ve already resigned from this present work of mine but my boss asked me to extend my stay as there’s no one available yet to replace me. Maybe just maybe I’ll be able to leave in a few months. Jannet knowing my resignation has supported me with my decision but I told her that she should think also of giving up some work that she has so she’ll be able to take care of her family and most especially herself. So when I received her text message I was really happy that she finally had the courage to relieve herself of some tasks that she have. No worries for her now.

Here's a picture of us the first year of our friendship together with our other parent friends from left Annie, Anna, Teacher Lisa, Me and Jannet. (taken March 2005)


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