Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nanny Camera

For working moms like me we have no choice but to leave our kids to the care and protection of hired nannies because we work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Lucky are those who can afford to stay home and personally administer their household and kids. I really envy them and been thinking a lot these days what would be the best plan to work and at the same time care for their personal and emotional needs. I also want to know what’s happening with my kids the time that I’m in the office. I know one officemate of mine who uses nanny camera to make sure that the nannies are doing the right thing with her toddler son.

Some may not like this kind of security that parents are doing but most parents are really over protective regarding their children. They want the best protection for their kids especially if the kids are infant or toddler. Some feel secured if there’s nanny camera on their house in which they can view their child’s activities and how their nannies treated them. Who knows? Each and every person has their own characteristics and moods. What if the one you entrusted to take care of your precious kid is capable of hurting children?

Each person has his/her own rights and I’m sure most nannies wouldn’t like or would feel uncomfortable if they will know that they’re being monitored by nanny camera. Best if they will never ever know it’s there. Anyway there’s a site that offers various types of nanny cameras disguised as mere decoration, toys, clocks or small appliances to make sure that kids are safe in your own house even if you’re no there. They have special designs like the nanny camera disguised as wall clock, wireless teddy bear cameras, black box, time recorder and DVD players. These designs can be easily set up for monitoring and recording as well. With these gadgets and modern technology reaching our homes there’s no need to worry about the time that we’re away from our loved ones.


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