Friday, July 25, 2008

Artistic Talents

Skills on lettering and drawing run in my father’s clan. My first cousin is known in our town when it comes to charcoal/pastel painting, textile painting and other artistic works. I’ve seen how he managed to do everything with fine art skills and lots of imagination. In our own family my brother can’t be left behind as he used to do portraits as his sideline job when he’s still a student. We have different talents and I’m lucky that during my high school days I’ve been trained by my brother on lettering.

This talent and skill now extends to our kids, nieces and nephews. My nephew who graduated from an electrical technology course didn’t want to practice his education but instead make a living out of his talent. He has so many projects especially during summer days when sports league competitions are everywhere. He does everything from textile painting to different signs. I told him to learn the techniques of using airbrush because it will help him improve his projects on textiles, murals, signs and other art projects that he will be accepting from his customers. I learned some techniques on using it when I was working in a consultancy firm and we used airbrush in doing hardbound covers for technical proposals.


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