Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Compare Loud Siren and Lifelock

Our technology has reached higher level of modernizing communication. In the older days letter was transmitted slowly through postal office, then fax came along which solved a lot of communication problem because letters and memorandum can reach the recipient in just minutes but then it’s not free for international transmission. With the current communication wizard using internet we can send and receive letters, pictures, and videos free of charge in a matter of seconds. This is a great help especially in the office world. I’m working in a telecommunications company and I can attest to the help that internet is giving to achieve the best communication ever. Even if I’m amazed with online technology I’m also aware that identity theft is very rampant in the online world. I’ve been reading a lot about this thing about identity theft protection and tried to Compare LoudSiren and LifeLock, the companies which offers protection to all confidential and personal information that was being threatened of being hacked every time we go online and use our internet.

They are offering protection from identity thieves because there are many reported incidents of unauthorized usage of account names and credit cards. Loud Siren provides these and there’s a lot more as your junk mail will be limited, your pre-approved cards will be stopped, receive a fraud alert on your credit reports and get a credit report free of charge. Imagine all these convenience in your life that will give you security on your precious confidential information.

Compared to Lifelock that offer the same services Loud Siren has an edge as it has more protection features bringing you all mentioned services plus extra benefits such as calling you if an account is opened on your name so you’ll have the capability to approve or deny the transaction and preventing and limiting unwanted phone calls offering you this and that service. Oh well this is really good as Loud Siren is a partner of Debix which is very well known as the No. 1 ID theft solution. They offer all these for $99 per year and if you enter Loud Siren promo code you can sign for only $89, that’s super savings. With this price you’ll have $25,000 Identity Protection Insurance underwritten by AIG and a service guarantee of up to $1,000. This is simply cool, so apply now and avail your package that will give you peace of mind.


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