Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Home Lighting

I’m very fond of looking at different designs of houses ever since I’m a child. My summer days were full of designing dream houses with my sister and brother. We really love designing houses but the only kid in our house who made that dream possible is my brother who became a Civil Engineer. Because of great demands for computer-related jobs my sister and I took up computer courses. Until now even when we took different field of expertise our love for home designs is still in our heart the reason why I always look at every project my brother has. And when I look at his house projects I have a particular flair for seeing what he has chosen for the home lighting especially the under cabinet lighting. I always wanted to see how his clients preferred to have the linear lighting system of the said under cabinet.

Home lighting makes a lot of difference on the house atmosphere; ambience differs as your lights vary. You could make your house warm and inviting or you could make it modern and trendy just by picking at the right lighting. I’m very particular with the color and illumination of the lights for the bathroom. I’m into the modern type of vanity lighting with sleek design that makes you wonder if you’re really on the right room because the lighting put a great effect on the ambience of the room.

There are many kinds of the lighting I want for my house that I found online at Littman Bros, a site that caters primarily for home lighting and ceiling fans. You can find every lighting you need in all corners of your house such as your walls, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom or even in the garden. What’s nice here is you can shop by various brands they have like the progress lighting products which defines style and quality, you can choose to shop by collection or by type. I like their mini pendants collection and chandeliers.

They offer volume discount for bulk orders via their Whole House program by offering builders pricing which is extremely competitive in the lighting supplies market. For information and queries their customer service staff can be reached at 888-930-4983. Visit their site now for all your home lighting requirements, I just did!.


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