Saturday, July 5, 2008

Josh Went to Market

My kids had a makeup classes today for the days suspended during typhoon Frank. I don’t like it because Saturday is the only day that I can wake up at 7am, all days of the week I wake up at 4:30 to cook, prepare packed lunch for the kids and hubby and get myself ready for my 9-6 office work. It’s a little bit tiring but I’m ok, I just don’t agree with Saturday classes.

Since Gen and Ruth are in their school it’s just Josh and me who went to the market to buy our whole week food supplies. Josh is really funny as he wanted everything that he saw bringing danger to my budget lol! He saw boots and he said her teacher told them to wear boots during rainy days. Then when he saw shirts on the rack he started to choose one for himself. When we passed by a small grocery wholesale store he pointed to a bunch of Ice Pops and when he saw coloring books on the school supplies store he picked sponge bob. Oh boy he wanted everything hahaha!

I took him to the nearest supermarket and mini-mall to refresh and have some snack! Before we finally get out going home he asks for his favorite ice cream, sat on a bench and started licking the soft strawberry-flavored ice cream. When he has finished he told me to go home as his granny (my mom) is waiting for him. Funny boy!


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