Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Last Visit To Ma'am!

We’ve been to the wake of my Mareng Enyang together with my sis Redge yesterday night. She and her elementary classmates agreed to meet at a certain place and we’re there for about an hour before we were completed. Together with Cecile, Anna, Lito and Mayen, me and my sister paid our last visit to Ma’am Guirnalda. I saw Bless first and then look for my goddaughter Mado who was staying inside their room because she felt tired due to many people present there. It’s the last evening and today we will all bid our last farewell to her.

Most of SJES teachers were there and I came to sit with the veteran teachers, they’re my teachers when I was in grade school. I’m glad that they’ll stay for another two years because my daughters will experience their good teaching abilities. I’ve also seen many students visited Ma’am Guirnalda, students handled by her over the years. Ma’am was a good and kind teacher the reason why many students who are now working in their own chosen career has paid her a visit to see her for the last time. When I came to see her face I was happy that she looked in total peace and serenity. I can’t believe that I’m seeing a 58-year old woman who suffered from a killer disease, what I saw was a younger-looking beautiful woman who peacefully faced the sickness given to her. I know that she’s looking at us now, happy and no pain at all.


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