Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Personalized Candy Bars

On every special occasion we think of everything, the food, the venue, invitation and giveaways. For others they go for the usual type in which they choose ceramics, glass-inspired collectibles and other items that can be used for display. Others become so creative that they do native items such as small baskets, fans and other wooden-inspired things. But did you hear using personalized candy bars as giveaways? Oh they’re so sweet and cute. I’ve been to one party with my kids and they gave candy bars as birthday favors, my kids love it. It’s even more appealing if its personalized candy bars.

I really find it so pretty giving personalized items and as I go online I found sites that specifically cater to people wanting to have personalized party favors. They’re making different personalized candy favors for special occasions like wedding, birthday party, baby shower and many other occasions that need give always. I personally like their line of items for baptism and christening favors as the wrappers are really cute in candy bars, cookies and mint tins. Wedding favors are also beautiful and I’m sure the guests will love not only the candy bars but also the personalized designs on it.

And if you don’t want the candy bars as you have your own candies and chocolates in your house they also offer candybar wrappers only. You should see their wedding Hershey’s 1.5oz wrappers, nice and economical as you’ll be able to save some cost on shipping. Anyway instructions are given how to pack the items carefully so your personalized chocolate bar will resemble the Hersey’s bar look. If you want to make your party or your special occasion to be different give them memorable personalized giveaways. Your guests will love it.


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