Monday, July 21, 2008

She's Having A Baby!

Heard about some good news from my former officemate friend, actually it’s still a secret to everyone save for a few person including me whom she can’t help telling. She was so excited with the pregnancy test result but was apprehensive to announce it to the public until she has consulted her doctor. I know she’s very happy because she’s been telling for a year now that she and her hubby really planned to have another baby this time. I’ve been telling when we’re still together that it’s easier and healthier if women should give birth before forty. She’s in mid-30s now, anyway this was just an advice from me, and some women are strong enough to give birth after 40, giving birth takes a lot of consideration – your health, your emotional stability to care for your baby and financial capabilities. As for my friend I’m very happy that God has finally answered their prayers now.


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