Monday, July 14, 2008

Time Discipline

Looking at the clouds early morning I surmised that it’s going to rain the whole day. I got myself ready earlier than usual because if it rains the traffic will surely get worse. It’s always like that and I don’t want to be a victim of the traffic jam caused by heavy rains. Relieved that I’m halfway through my trip when the rain gets heavier, I’m now confident that I’ll be in the office earlier. But when I finally ride my second trip our vehicle hardly move, oh no! I should be moving or else I’ll reach the office very late. Glad that our driver finally found a lesser trafficked road, smoothly traveled without interference and reached my office in a short time. Even if I was saved now from being so late I’ve learned my lesson and that’s giving my office travel ample time to prevent myself from being so affected by the flow of traffic. If I give myself a decent time allowance and time discipline I’ll have a worry-free and peaceful travel to my work. Simple things but should be given proper planning.

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