Friday, August 15, 2008

Gifts for Child Dedication

It’s payday today and I planned to come home earlier than usual as I find it necessary every payday. People tend to assess that every working human in this planet has plenty of money every payday and it’s a little bit dangerous to snatchers. Anyway as I will sponsor two babies in our church in our child dedication on Sunday I’ll have to really be early to have time for choosing gifts for them. I’ll be sponsoring or witnessing Ryza and Phillip’s dedication or in other religion they call it baptism.

It’s always easier for me to choose gifts for girls as I have two daughters. I’ve rounded up the babies’ section and twist and turn to every little cute items but I settled for Snoopy clothes for the baby boy and a little pink jumper dress for the baby girl. I’ll just have to think of accessories to complete the whole thing. Florence was with me and I must admit I really admired her patience for this. She bought blouse for Nicole, her 5-year old daughter and we exchanged ideas on the style and colors of the clothes we’ve chosen. After the gifts I transferred to other section and bought pants for Josh and pink blouses for my girls, it’s gonna be Ruth’s birthday on Monday and when I buy clothes for the celebrant I also buy clothes for my other two kids. It’s been my practice ever since that’s why they love having birthdays.


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