Sunday, August 24, 2008

God's Protective Hands On Us

Sunday again and we’re busy preparing our things for this Sunday service fellowship, our service always lasts for hours until early evening covering morning fellowship and afternoon sharing of God’s word. As always hubby cleans and conditions the car checking each component if functioning properly. Suddenly when he was preparing the car for backing out in the garage our steering wheel lost its grip and missed control over the wheels. We’re just so glad that it happened when we’re still home and not on the road because it might bring us disaster.

We’re so thankful that God didn’t allowed that to happen. Hubby testified that in our church and when he said that ‘God is so good that He never let us run on the road with a defective car that can kill us all’ I was so blessed with the word. God is really good not only yesterday, not only today but ALL THE TIME …..


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