Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jim Piccolo

I’ve been writing about the advantages of choosing the right education and university to succeed in whatever you aim for. In the field of real estate education Nouveau Riche University excels in their ways of teaching the right approach in educating real estate entrepreneurs. If you heard testimonials of how this university has helped people to succeed in real estate industry you’ll be interested to know that the person behind the success of Nouveau Riche is no other than Jim Piccolo, a successful businessman, entrepreneur, designer, philanthropist and many more. He’s been in the business acting as President and CEO for twenty years and been recognized as visionary in his chosen field.

I’ve been inspired by his idea of recognizing the value of other people that you need to help others succeed before you can make a success of yourself. That’s why he’s proven his capabilities of developing companies like iWizard Holding, Inc., The Real Market Experts Franchise, Inc. and the Nouveau Riche Corporation which helps a lot in educating would be real estate agents and businessmen. Jim Piccolo helped people in realizing their dreams and using their skills and knowledge in earning money which paved the way in augmenting their financial status.

If you’re thinking that this visionary is only keen on business you’ll be amazed that his devotions extend to helping charities as well. He’s a well known philanthropist who strongly believes that the best way to make children follow the right path is to have them develop interests in music, sports and Christian activities. These things will keep their minds and hearts away from temptation. In the case of Help4teenz, Jim Piccolo and his foundation offered free financial literacy course which taught them a lot in managing their finances like having a good budget plan, living within your means, monitoring your expenses and all about owning and renting a home. This financial literacy is a great help in starting a good financial planning which contributes to the enhancement of your family’s life quality. Jim Piccolo has been doing all of these to help people realize how they can create wealth for themselves and how they can be responsible in using their wealth in making life beautiful for them and for others.


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