Friday, August 8, 2008

Orly Came Home For A Short Vacation

My nephew Orly, son of my first cousin Ka Duneng in Laguna came home from his work in Qatar. They informed us that he’ll be here for a short vacation this August. He arrived last Saturday August 2 but we’re busy with a lot of things scheduled weeks before that we didn’t find the time to go to our hometown in Laguna. My Mom and I are a little sad that we can’t go home because Orly is one of my mom’s favorite apo but we don’t have a choice as we’re also busy with the clearing works done by Public Works and Highways. I keep on thinking that I should really have more time to accommodate more activities, hope Orly understands! Anyway by now I’m sure he’s thinking of dropping by in our house! I also missed his chocolates!


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