Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Razer Mouse

Having PC and internet connection in the house has its advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to kid discipline. It’s a big advantage that they can search their assignment and project in the confinement of our house compared to other kids who have to rent in Internet Café to do their assignment. The only headache in having internet connection is the possibility that children will have more time in the computer than really studying manually which is not that conducive to proper way of studying. As my Mom was a retired teacher, she still believes that conservative education and learning still plays a major part in the culmination of knowledge to students.

To have balance on this thing I discipline my kids to do their assignment on computer strictly on the things that really needed researching. When it comes to playing games and surfing I allowed them to do it on weekends to show them that I’m not so strict on them. I even planned on buying Razer mouse to make their computer usage faster and more convenient. And they're thankful for it!


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