Thursday, August 14, 2008

Started My Exercise Today!

I promised myself that I would really allot some time to start my daily exercise. I’m a workaholic person and very busy with household chores around the house when I’m home but I guess you don’t count that as real exercise. I don’t have the time to spare for gym workout so I told myself I’d better be doing it on my own house. Finally I was able to start my sit ups and some exercise that forced me into slight jumping. I started easy because I’ve neglected exercise for some months and I don’t want myself to limp the whole day because of too much sit ups. It happened to me last year when I forced myself to start heavy. I know I should do it easy and will make it harder each day. It feels good even when I’m doing it while I’m cooking lol! My kids were kidding me that their chicken is overcooked already (joke only). Nice start for me and I was happy that I finally did it again.


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