Friday, September 5, 2008

Josh Turned 5 Now!

It's Josh birthday today, he woke up very early in the morning greeting each and everyone in the family with a big wide smile. He's really such a darling with his sweet charming ways. I gave him a big card the size of a whole bond paper with his face on it. As usual I did it myself, I'm very fond of doing cards on my own creativity because for me it has an added touch of caring. He love the card and I gained kisses from him for doing it for him.

I don't have time to cook early in the morning so I just ordered 30 sets of Jollibee snacks, prepared juicy hotdogs on stick and completed his giveaways - loot bag which contains candies, chocolates, choco wafer, jellies, small toys and some other goodies that kids will like. And that's true because I saw their excitement when Josh handed his giveaways.

It's Josh first birthday in school and he's so excited about it. After greetings and thank yous of Josh' classmates he told me that he's very happy and wanted to go home to completely open his other gifts.


Anonymous ,  September 8, 2008 at 11:11 AM  

happy birthday to your little boy! ;-)

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