Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our News Anchor!

We were having breakfast this morning when my 5-year old son Josh refused to drink his milk. He said that it might contain ‘lamine’ I can’t understand him but he told me sheepishly that he heard some news that some milk and milk products contains ‘lamine’. I guessed that he mean melamine, he just heard the last syllables I think but I was amazed that even young boy like Josh might be concerned with what everyone else is worrying about. I told him that his milk is manufactured here and doesn’t in any way contain melamine and that Mommy will see to it that everything that he’ll be eating is free from that chemical.

Then after hearing those words he started to drink his milk again and asked me the foods and products I know that contain the dangerous ‘M’. He’s got photographic memory that’s why every show and news that he sees he remembers well. I’m so careful with what I’m telling him because he might tell it to his classmates. He’s very good in telling news in bits and pieces. Told him he might be a good news anchor someday lol!


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