Monday, September 29, 2008

People Search

I have a friend in my first job in a semi-conductor company several years back. She’s a friend who’s very close to my heart and we’ve shared so many memories together with our friends in Data General Inc. We continued our friendship even after finishing our contract with the company. Cecille decided to pursue a much better job opportunity abroad where her sister is already a resident and found a job and later the love of her life. As years passed by we lost communication with her family in the province, telephone numbers changed, address were never updated and we never seen each other for a couple of years now. How I wish that I’ll have access to public records where I can search for vital information about her like phone numbers, house address and email address.

Losing communication makes me sad because years passed so quickly and we’ll never know what will happen next. I want my friends to be always there within reach either by phone, email or online messaging. You know in this time and age distance can be bridged easily by modern technology and that’s using online communication. Recently our friend Paul finally found her and she instantly sent me an email recollecting the past and asking a lot about my life now. The power of online research has made this possible and I’m now hooked with Research Public Records, a site where you can gain full access to sites where you can search for various records you want be it people search, financial records, criminal records, employment history, driving records, credit reports, marriage, birth and other important records.

The nice part about this is that you can have your searching without being identified; this plays an important role when you are searching for confidential information and records. So if you want to have your most wanted records and stay anonymous visit their site now!


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