Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pork Barbeque in Sauce

It’s Wednesday and again I have to cook everything from breakfast to dinner as hubby and me will be on our midweek bible study and will be coming home just before midnight. For a fast and quick menu I’ve chosen to cook pork with soy sauce. I just boiled the pork to perfect tenderness slowly adding soy sauce and barbeque spices to have that delicious taste that my kids wanted so much. When I finished cooking my menu I noticed that it’s very yummy to look but also a threat to weight watchers because the pork’s oil has slowly mixed up with the soy sauce. Oh well as for me I really love to eat and on times like these fat burner will be a lot of help to lessen the cholesterol and fat gained from eating yummy but a little sinful food like this one.


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