Sunday, September 21, 2008

Risky Jobs

I was waiting for my hubby to arrive and been writing some posts manually on some pieces of paper for my blog when I heard group of construction boys clearing dump demolished materials in front of our house. I was glad that they’re doing it because it’s been 5 days since they’ve demolished our walls and gates and mess was on the front of our house causing us to build our own paths to walk going out of our compound making me think that this road widening is really giving us some headache. Contractors who worked for this project is so slow that our damaged properties can’t be restored as soon as possible.

I’ve talked to one of the workers and found out that their daily pay is 230 pesos only, I was stunned as I’ve seen them working and there’s a day or two that they’ve been smashing the concrete walls the whole day. That’s really a hard job and what they get from it? Only that amount? Is this what happens on a country suffering from economic crisis?

I gave all 5 of them strong hot coffee and they’ve been very happy with it because it’s past midnight already and their bodies are a little bit cold already from a hard day and night’s work. Construction is a very hard and risky job. And you know why I said that? While the construction boys were clearing all materials with use of backhoe equipment the boy who was in-charge of sending signals to other cars if they should stop was accidentally hit by their own backhoe equipment. Reason is that they don’t have enough light in the vicinity and in the truck that the driver miscalculated his maneuvering, poor fellow! He was rushed immediately to the nearby Takano Medical Center. I can’t forget the boy who I think was around 17-19 years old only facing the risks of the job just to earn meager income for his family. I admire their perseverance.


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