Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tips and Secrets on Becoming Debt Free

With our present critical economic situation in the country we as individuals should try to manage our own personal finances because if we will not do it we will also find ourselves in a bad financial situation. This is not a question of who earns a bigger income but the matter of handling whatever income you might have. Spending should depend on your capacity to earn like my mother told me a lot when I was just starting to work. She told me one of her favorite pattern in life and that’s do not buy what you don’t need and do not need what you can’t buy. Simple words but meant a lot and if you follow this rule you’ll be debt free for life. You’ll be spared from the stress of having multiple unpaid loans and debts.

But the high level of living these days lured us into getting credit cards and applying for loans unlike the past older generation who always use cash on their purchases thus avoiding buying of unnecessary things. Credit cards are good if you know how to manage it and how you use it to your advantage, but most of the credit card holders use it as a way of purchasing things that they can’t buy on their monthly salaries thus spending beyond their financial capabilities. This malpractice will lead them to accrue high interest rates and charges and sooner they’ll be in bad debt. Their good reputation, name and credit score will be in bad category which will affect their family, work and their entire life.

If you’re experiencing a situation like this you should try to think what went wrong, take some time to study priorities and concentrate on spending on the necessary things in life. Limit your extravagant expenses and live a simple life. If you want to manage your debt you can take some advices and tips from credit counselors who will help you with choosing the right company for your debt consolidation loans. You’ll be happy to know that your multiple loans can be converted into one loan only with affordable monthly payments. This is a great help to your budget and your dreams of becoming debt free will soon be realized.


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