Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Bro's Birthday!

Today is my one and only brother's birthday, the eldest sibling of De Leon family. I’m the middle child and eldest daughter of the family who resembles kuya the most and Redge is the youngest. As my brother and his wife are so busy with their store in grand mall they didn't make a fuss on this day and told us they'll just celebrate it outside. Eating outside on a nice restaurant is sometimes better than a grand birthday celebration with too many visitors. Anyway he has already given a blowout to his construction staff and that's good enough.

Kuya is a licensed Civil Engineer working in an office and managing his own business as well. He's a born-again christian like us and also a certified workaholic like me lol! My two siblings are like me, we give our best to our work and strive so hard for whatever we think is right including our faith. He's the best brother I could ever be proud of having a humble spirit and kind attitude in life. He treats everyone with fair judgement and shares God's word with a servant's heart. We (Mom, Redge and Me) thanked God for giving us the wonderful blessing of having him as a good son and a caring brother. Bro happy birthday! God Bless You always!

Picture taken from glitter-graphics by poetic1


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