Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book Fair

Alongside with St. Audry's costume party they also have a book fair sale at the entrance. Books on sale are coloring books, educational books on alphabets/numbers and very colorful story books ranging from small to giant size hard bound books. Good thing about school's book fair is that prices are on discounted rates. I saw books ranging from P30 and above.

Those books I usually see on famous bookstores are 25-50% less. I remember my second child Gen who's so fond of books but she's on her school on that day so she wasn't able to look on the books for sale. Anyway most of the books there are for Josh' age ranges from 3-6 years old so maybe she'll be a little bored on the lineup. Gen is so fond of Almanac books. Whenever there's a book fair on their own school Gen and Ruth gets to buy something that they like, I gave them allowances for buying books. Actually we have collection on thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms, science and educational books that they bought every book fair sale. How about your kids, what books do they prefer?


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